How to choose the best antiage cream for your skin

The marks on the skin, known as wrinkles, become more pronounced over time. This is because the body produces less collagen, which is what makes the skin firm and smooth. There are factors like sun or tobacco consumption that accelerate the loss of collagen. That’s why the best thing you can do to take care of your skin is to protect yourself from the sun and stay away from tobacco. The problem is when the damage is already done. We all want to know if it is possible to reverse it. For that it is good to know that the antiage cream has that can make it effective or not.anti age cream recipe

Antiage Cream Ingredients

Antioxidants, such as vitamin E has the objective of stop the sun damage that threatens the production of collagen. Collagen is necessary to prevent wrinkles. Another very fashionable ingredient is hyaluronic acid which has the function of absorbing moisture and giving more volume to the tissues of the skin. Hydroxy acids serve as exfoliants, to remove old skin and make the face more shine.

Peptides came to the cosmetic industry because of their ability to heal wounds. This is because they increase the production of collagen. The most common peptides are pentapeptides and copper peptides. If you look at the label of your cream antiage surely find this ingredient in it.

Retinol is also very common to find in any antiage cream. Its function is to prevent collagen decomposition. They also stimulate the skin to form more collagen. Being a compound of vitamin A, it should be avoided during pregnancy. Dermatologists frequently recommend the use of retinol to prevent and reverse the signs of aging. It is proven that the use of retinol eliminates wrinkles and reduces skin blemishes caused by the passage of time.

Benefits of using antiage cream

Remember before you use any antiage cream, you can do a Black Mask treatment, this can really help your skin to absorve more of the nutrients that anti age creams such as BellaVei can provide.
According to one study it was found that the application of a cream with retinol was as effective against wrinkles as laser treatment or injections of hyaluronic acid. Do not confuse the injections with the creams that have said acid. It is proven that hyaluronic acid has a greater effect if injected than if applied superficially. In fact many of the ingredients that are in the antiage cream work best if they are injected without being applied to the surface.

The concentration of active ingredients in an antiage cream makes a big difference in effectiveness. BellaVei cream has a higher concentration of these active ingredients than other creams on the brand. It also affects the amount of cream that one applies per day. There are many people who do not get cream every day and therefore are not going to get good results as well. The ideal is to put cream antiage in the morning and at night. During the night it is best to apply a good amount so that the skin absorbs it while we sleep.

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